Be the Marketing Driver in Your Organization
Ascend B2B Marketing Leadership Accelerator is an 8-Week Mentoring Program to become a marketing leader with clarity, confidence and credibility.
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Marketing Leadership for Impact
As A Marketing Leader You Want to Drive The Business Forward, but...

You're faced with enormous pressure to 'do more with less' and deliver short-term results.

As priorities shift, every marketing move you make is scrutinized and questioned.

To be an effective marketer, you not only have to stay on top of changes in your industry and profession, but you need to grow as a marketing leader so that you can impact the bottom line.

Being a B2B Marketing Leader doesn't have to be complicated.

Ascend B2B Marketing Leadership Accelerator is an 8-week guided program teaching you how to:

  • effectively tie marketing strategies to business goals
  • communicate the value of marketing
  • become the marketing authority that drives your organization and your career forward.
The Marketing Leadership Playbook
Be a C-Suite Marketing Leader with Impact

In 8 weeks:

  • You'll build a realistic marketing strategy—based on simple frameworks and tools implemented with over 45 high-performing and happy marketing teams
  • You'll interact through videos, worksheets, assignments, examples, live group coaching calls, and peer interactions
  • You'll get 1:1 mentoring/ coaching calls—tailored feedback to help you apply these principles
  • PLUS—an invitation into a PRIVATE marketing community to connect with like-minded peers

  • Module 1:
    Maximizing your marketing strengths

    Know your talents, gaps & mindset shifts.

  • Module 2:
    Finding unique market opportunities

    Uncover gaps in your marketing and plan for growth.

  • Module 3:
    Gaining new insights

    Review company goals, conduct sales & customer interviews, & understand market & competitor data.

  • Module 4:
    Ideating your Best Customers

    Identify your ideal customer to create targeted marketing and sales strategies.

  • Module 5:
    Aligning to your brand mission

    Tie marketing goals to company goals by identifying activities that will make an impact.

  • Module 6:
    Designing a unique message

    Create relevant messaging that is different, consistent, and measurable.

  • Module 7:
    Making content king

    Build a content strategy aligned to your customer's buying journey.

  • Module 8:
    Building an army of marketers

    Identify the people, resources and martech you need and how to maximize their effectiveness.

  • Module 9:
    Becoming the leader for your brand

    Present to the C-suite, align with sales, share your team’s progress and step into the driver's seat.

The Marketing Leadership Playbook Gets Results
Marketers just like you...

  • Have seen a boost of C-suite confidence in the marketing team
  • Over 50% have gotten promoted within 6 months
  • Company awareness grew 300% (website visitors, social media followers, email subscribers)
  • Helped their companies achieve record-level growth: REVENUE!!!!
  • Now receive invitations to participate in strategic business discussions
  • Gain marketing & sales alignment resulting in a full funnel view of the customer
  • Build confidence in customer needs/ wants and how the company provides value
Build confidence and connection

The Marketing Leadership Playbook combines online training with mentoring, peer interactions, and an extraordinary community of other career-driven b2b marketers!

Build Clarity. Confidence. Credibility.
Ascend B2B Marketing Leadership Accelerator

Zoom call with coffee
Group Mastermind

Cohort-based program for Marketers who value time with their peers and mentor to ask questions and get personalized guidance.

This package includes:

  • 8-week hands-on program with 6-8 students
  • Group coaching live weekly call
  • Private online community
  • On-demand access to trainings and recordings
one-time investment
Our Clients
Trusted by smart, savvy brands

We've worked with over 45 B2B brands - from start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations with an eye on driving sustainable growth.

  • arrow-electronics-logo.png
  • Frontier Communications
  • Openoptic
  • Level 3 Communications (now Lumen)
  • Janus Capital Group (Now Janus Henderson)
  • Windstream Enterprise
  • One Neck IT Solutions
  • Juniper Networks
  • Doyle Group IT Consulting
  • MPC Commercial Construction
  • Aschenberg Law Group
  • The Monaco Group IT Consulting
  • Shift Genuine Cannabis
  • Hivery Software

Frequently asked questions
Still have questions? We've got answers.

  • Who is this program for?

    Ascend B2B Marketing Leadership Accelerator is ideal for B2B marketing directors and VP's that are eager to learn, grow and gain new strategic marketing skills that resonate with your customer and company goals.

    This is for you if:

    • You want to move into a marketing leadership role or be a more valuable C-suite leader.
    • You need advice on how to become more strategic and valued by your C-suite members.
    • You want proven frameworks and peer-to-peer guidance.
  • What if I can't make it to a live coaching session?

    Don't worry! All lessons, worksheets and live coaching calls are recorded and accessible in our private community.

    If you can't make it to a call, you can still get your questions answered in the community or submit via email.

  • How do I convince my boss to invest in this?

    For an investment of $5K, you'll create a more efficient and effective marketing approach, leading to increased revenue, lower marketing costs and higher productivity.

    There's no other program that provides this level of structured training, proven frameworks implemented with over 45 companies (including Inc 5000 and Fortune 500), 1:1 personalized mentorship and peer interactions over 8 weeks!

    Marketing conferences and events can cost a minimum of $4000 to attend. While they can be great motivators, research shows that people forget 50% of what they learn within one hour, 70% within 24 hours and 90% of the information within a week.

    Meanwhile, 94% of workers would stay longer if their employer offered more learning and career development opportunities. (LinkedIn)

    And employees who are involved in mentoring programs have a 50% higher retention rate than those not involved in mentoring and 93% of mentees believe their mentoring relationship was useful. (MentorcliQ)

  • Why should I join?

    Three things make this program special:

    1) It's an organized system implemented within dozens of companies (from startups to Fortune 500's). We give you tools, frameworks and templates neatly packaged and ready to use.

    2) We don't just tell you WHAT to do. We tell you HOW to do it to get maximum impact. We help you build your leadership skills—like getting executive support—presenting to your CEO and being seen as a strategic and credible team member by your product and sales team.

    3) Unlike on-demand courses, we're with you every step of the way. We provide weekly coaching calls where you get the guidance you need to move forward and get unstuck.

What clients are saying

Meet your Mentor
B2B Strategy Crafter. Marketing Executive. Mentor to Aspiring Leaders.

Hello! I'm Stacey, and I want to share my story with you.

I started my career at AT&T (which later became Comcast) and held various corporate leadership roles for the next 14 years, in both strategy and execution. Initially in B2C marketing, I learned the value of customer research, creative agency work, and scaling marketing across regions simultaneously.

Transitioning to B2B, I realized marketing was seen as "sales support" rather than a growth driver. But I desired more visibility and influence, so I immersed myself with sales leaders and product managers. By speaking their language and aligning goals, I transformed from a support role to a strategic driver.

Inspired to share this alignment, I taught marketing concepts to my team and peers internally during 'lunch and learns' and formal workshops. One day, I knew I was ready to take the next step and build something on my own. I started my consultancy, Shake Marketing Group in 2014, guiding companies in building customer-focused marketing plans.

As more CEO's requested my coaching for their marketing teams, I finally decided it was time to package my knowledge into a structured training program. Ascend B2B Marketing Leadership Accelerator was born to help build confidence and trust between marketers and CEOs. With Fortune 500 principles and experience with renowned agencies and brands, my teachings have been implemented by over 45 companies, from Inc 5000 to Fortune 500.

My vision is to impact 100,000 B2B marketers, transforming their careers and making a lasting difference.

Stacey Danheiser, CEO Shake Marketing Group, B2B marketing mentor, B2B marketing consultant. I help B2B organizations drive revenue and internal alignment through customer-focused marketing strategies.

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